Paradise Ag Supporters Constitution

ARTICLE I - Name, Mission, and Strategies

    Section A    The name of this organization shall be the Paradise Ag Supporters.

    Section B    The mission and strategies for this chapter are as follows:

    FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for

    premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural


                    1. To provide scholarships for selected senior chapter members who wish to

                        further their education.

                    2. To promote community awareness of and seek support for the youth of the

                        Paradise FFA Chapter.

                    3. To help finance Paradise Chapter FFA members' trips to conventions,

                        conferences, and contests.

                    4. To provide assistance to Paradise Chapter FFA members' projects.


ARTICLE II - Organization

    Section A    The Paradise Ag Supporters will assist the Paradise Chapter of FFA which is a

                      chartered local unit of the Texas Association of FFA, which is chartered by the

                      National FFA Organization.

    Section B    The Paradise Ag Supporters and this chapter accept in full the provision the 

                      constitution and by laws of the Association of FFA as well as those of the

                      National FFA Organization.


ARTICLE III - Membership

    Section A    Membership in this organizatin shall be of two kinds:

                     (1) $20.00 One Year Active Family Membership,

                     (2) $100.00 Lifetime Family Membership.

    Names of applicants for membership shall be filed with the Secretary and Treasurer.    

    The regular activities of this organization shall be carried on by the active membership.

    Active members in good standing may vote on all business brought before the chapter.

    An active member shall be considered in good standing when:

                    1. They have a child in good standing with Paradise FFA or is actively involved

                        with the support of agriculture and the FFA

                    2. Show an interest in the affairs of the organization by attending meetings,

                        and participating in other organized activities of the chapter. 

                    3. Pay all current dues by the date determined by the chapter.

                    4. Display conduct consistent with the ideals and purposes of the National FFA


ARTICLE IV - Emblems

    Section A    The emblem of the FFA shall be the emblem for the chapter.

    Section B    Emblems used by the members shall be designated by the National FFA 



ARTICLE V - Chapter Officers

    Section A    The offices of the Paradise Ag Supporters shall be: President, Vice President,

                      Secretary, Treasurer, Travel Coordinator, Swine Representative, Sheep & Goat

                      Representative, and Beef Cattle Representative. These officers shall all be

                      part of the Executive Committee with the power to act. Other officers may be

                      elected as deemed appropriate by the local advisor and/or governing body. The

                      teacher(s) of agricultural education shall be the advisor(s). Chapter officers

                      shall be elected annually by the members present at any regular meeting of the

                      chapter. Chapter Officers terms will be limited to four years and elected




    Section A    Local dues in this chapter shall be fixed annually by a majority vote of the

                      active members.

    Section B    No member shall be considered as active and in good standing unless he/she

                      pays full dues.


ARTICLE VII - Amendments

    Section A    This constitution may be amended or changed at any regular chapter meeting

                      by a two-thirds vote of the active members present providing it is not in conflict

                      with the state association constitution or that of the National FFA Organization.

    Section B    Bylaws may be adopted to fit the needs of the chapter at any regular chapter

                      meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active members present providing such

                      bylaws do not conflict in any way with the constitution and bylaws of either the

                      state association or national organization.