There are two kinds of membership for this organization:

                     (1) $20.00 One Year Active Family Membership,
                     (2) $100.00 Lifetime Family Membership.

Lifetime Members

since 2008

Ricky and Kelly Corbin, Michael and Leigh Ann Sides, Steve Bradshaw, Lonnie Holder, Kay Moore, Homer Mundy, Codi Eudy, Ronnie and Diane Meadows, Shelley Pearson, Ben and Anita Remmele, LO and Denise Oates


since 2009

Todd and Robin Meadows, Scott and Janice Eisen, Mark and Susan Rector, Michael and Teresa McBride


since 2010

Cher Tilgham, Ricky and Kirsten Buyers


since 2011

Darrell and Tina Lambert, Robert and Olga Tipton, Joshua and Ashley Cathey, Jerry and Kelly Penny, Paul and Paige Proffitt,Chris & Mary Beth Kerr


since 2013

Chad and April Horner,  Scott and Robyn Gibson, Brad and Shawna Blue


since 2014

John and Mica Huff (Macayla Youngblood),  Joe and Misty Tucker, Neil and Marcy Waggoner, Cody and Renda Deaton Mr. and Mrs. Koterba


Annual Members

current 2014-2015 Annual Members

Brad and Tressa McCormick ( Garret and Layla Potter), Ronnie and Michelle Johnson, Scott and Mindy Cox,  Lisle Family, Hamilton Family, Young Family, Vann and Kim Wakefield, Micheal and Melanie Tittor,  Terry and Erin Cornett, Brad Largent...